Dewatering System: DREN

Usage Function

The dewatering system is designed to dewater sludge from the purification process. The sludge should exclusively come from activated sludge or chemical-physical purification processes.

In the automatic version, the treatment operations occur automatically with PLC management, allowing the control of level sensors and motorized valves. Once the bags are connected under the loading ports and the automatic processing control is activated, the machine loads the sludge by opening the solenoid valve until the maximum sludge containment level in the bag is reached.

The extraction of the full bag of dehydrated sludge for disposal is done by lifting the hinged upper lid from the structure and removing the bag with a special cart (mechanical or manual). Ultrasonic level sensors can be used, ensuring no contact with the liquids.



Technical Features

The system is primarily powered by a single-screw pump or any other suitable sludge transport equipment.

It is important that the sludge does not contain oily or greasy substances, as these can impede the percolation of water through the seepage walls of the bags.

The system is made of welded metal carpentry, press-bent and rolled sheet metal or, upon request, in AISI 304 stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel.

The system is equipped with bag loading ports where the dewatering bag is placed, connected to the top to support the sludge flow. Beneath the bags, there are containment baskets that hold the volume of the bags. At the base of the bags, there is a hot-dip galvanized grid with suitable spacing to support the bags and drain water.

The system includes a mechanical closure with a float for overflow prevention. The installation of a sludge homogenization system, along with the addition of a polyelectrolyte, makes the dewatering system more efficient. For the process to be efficient and yield satisfactory results, the sludge density characteristics should be over 30% in the solid/liquid ratio.


  • High dry matter concentration achievable
  • Low operating and installation costs
  • Ease of maintenance


  • Automatic or Manual
  • Depending on the customer’s needs, the structure can be made of painted sheet metal, hot-dip galvanized steel, or AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • The structure can accommodate from 1 to 6 dewatering bags.

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