Warehouse worker

Posizione aperta


  • Unload goods during the delivery phase.
  • Check that the received goods match the ordered items.
  • Organize the goods within the warehouse according to a predetermined system.
  • Apply labels to the merchandise to be organized or shipped.
  • Pack and load merchandise onto appropriate transport vehicles for delivery to the company’s customers or affiliated retail stores.
  • Manage and update inventory, including the use of computers.
  • Handle delivery, shipping, and pickup documents.


  • Ability to lift and handle various weights of goods.
  • Orderliness and organization in merchandise management.
  • Punctuality and adherence to assigned work shifts.
  • Teamwork orientation.
  • Attention to ensure goods are not damaged.
  • Ability to operate machinery used for moving goods (e.g., forklift).
  • Proficiency in computer and other information technology devices.

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