Mechanical processes

Posizione aperta

A metalworker with knowledge of technical drawing who follows the schematic to work on metal parts. These parts will then be assembled to obtain the final product.

Programming and control of machinery. The metalworker must be able to properly use these machines and monitor their operation.

Maintenance: In addition to the operation of different tools, the metalworker must also take care of their maintenance. This phase is crucial, both for ensuring that the tools are always at their maximum efficiency and for safety reasons.

Quality control: The final product is checked to ensure that it is fully functional and safe for use.


  • Reading job sheets and blueprints.
  • Identifying and sourcing suitable materials for welding.
  • Measuring and cutting metallic materials to create the desired structures using the appropriate tools.
  • Welding metallic materials as specified in the documentation and following technical specifications.
  • Finishing the welded parts by removing any burrs or imperfections.
  • Verifying that the finished work is solid, defect-free, and meets the required specifications.


  • Knowledge of safety regulations.
  • Understanding of mechanical drawing and metallurgy.
  • Familiarity with materials, their strength, and their responses to stress.
  • Knowledge of different welding techniques and the ability to use the appropriate metallurgical tools.
  • Ability to assess a metal object, identify any malfunctions, and determine the welding needs.
  • Ability to complete the required documentation as specified by the company.

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