Usage Functions

The mobile mechanism operates continuously to collect excess sludge and is used for the mechanization of circular thickening tanks in civil or industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Gear motor


Technical Features

The central drive shaft (made of steel) is powered by an epicyclic gearmotor mounted on a support beam made of concrete or steel. Attached to the central shaft is a mobile bottom truss made of flanged steel tubing, equipped with vertical bars (pegs) and adjustable-height bottom scraping blades. The machine is equipped with a steel sheet deflector cylinder for incoming wastewater and a Thomson-type overflow edge for clarified water.

For larger machines, a control head with a toothed rack and electromechanical torque limiter is provided.


  • Installation in existing tanks
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • High thickening efficiency due to appropriate rotation speed


  • Foam collection system
  • Steel walkway.

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