Go-Back bridge

Usage Functions

The go-back bridge is a machine for the removal of biological sludge in sedimentation tanks, it is installed on rectangular tanks.

Structural features

The bottom scrapers, anchored to the mobile walkway positioned on the walls of the tank, scrape the sludge and deposit it inside a hopper located at the end of the tank. The peculiarity is the movement of the bridge forward and backward, carried out through double-axle carriages with N railway-type wheels that allow it to move along the rails fixed longitudinally to the edges of the tank. The movement of the bridge takes place in two phases: the first forward with the bottom scrapers lowered for the bottom scraping, the second backward with the scrapers raised, thus allowing the solids to settle again. The clarified water flows out by overflowing from the top of the tank.


  • Quick installation
  • High capacity for the removal of biological sludge and supernatant.
  • Easy application even on existing tanks
  • Possibility of supervising and/or replacing the bottom scrapers from above without the need to empty the tank
  • Reduced maintenance costs


  • Control panel on board the machine, ready for connection to the automation system


  • Limit switch for automatic reversal of motion
  • Electrical power supply via festoon cable

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