Sub-Vertical Grille

Usage Function

The sub-vertical grille is used in deep channels and when it is necessary to discharge the grating at a specific level. Incoming water passes through the vertical bars, which retain solids larger than the specified clearance. The machine is used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants or upstream of lifting plants to protect submersible pumps.



Construction Features

It consists of a sturdy frame made of cold-bent and reinforced carbon steel sheet, supporting special roller-type chain guides and a grille consisting of inclined bars spaced at intervals ranging from 15 to 100 mm. Cleaning of solids trapped by the grille is carried out using one or more cleaning combs directly attached to the movement chains. Discharge is achieved through an oscillating device into a dedicated container or a mechanical conveyor belt. The self-braking gear motor unit of a primary brand, equipped with adequate protection for outdoor operation, with steel alloy gears and helical cylindrical teeth in oil bath, drives, through toothed pinions, the roller chain to which the cleaning combs are attached.

The parts susceptible to maintenance and lubrication are kept above the water surface and are easily accessible. The installation inclination is 60⁰ relative to the horizontal. Overload protection is provided by mechanical or electronic torque limiters.


  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • Direct installation in the channel containing the liquids to be treated
  • Guaranteed efficiency for wide flow rate ranges


Different consent movement and surface treatment systems are possible.
Upon request, the machine can be supplied entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel.


  • Gear motor unit
  • Dynamic torque device for overload protection
  • Cleaning combs

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