Usage Function

Applied for screening municipal and industrial wastewater with solid compaction. It is a versatile system that can be installed in a channel or provided complete with a liquid inlet and outlet container with flanges and, upon request, with a side bypass grille. This machine ensures excellent operation even in the presence of fibrous or particularly long products that do not cause clogs or blockages.



Micro-perforated sheet metal


  • Reduced investment
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reasonable installation costs.
  • Wide range of applications and sizes.
  • Self-cleaning machine, with brushes arranged on the screws.


A combined machine for wastewater filtration in pumping stations. The separated solids are lifted and compacted before discharge. It is installed directly in the feed well. It is a compact machine and easy to install even in existing plants, combined for separation, lifting, and compacting of extracted solids.
The machine is constructed of stainless steel of type AISI 304 or AISI 316.
The screw compactor screen, in any model, can be customized for highly functional applications, depending on the requirements.


  • Brushes in the filtration area
  • Grille collection system made of micro-perforated sheet metal
  • Spiral housing with wear inserts made with bolted execution for easy replacement
  • Grille collection container
  • Adjustable supports for machine attachment
  • Motor and gearmotor

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