Usage Function

The fixed grille is arranged in a semicircle with spacing that can vary from 15 to 100 mm. The screened material is removed by a mobile frame carrying two rakes from which the accumulated solids are removed with appropriate counter-rakes. Grilling of wastewater is one of the preliminary mechanical treatments to which wastewater is subjected at the inlet of wastewater treatment plants to remove and reduce suspended and floating materials. The grille is placed in the channel transversely to the flow direction of the effluent.

Safty grill


Technical Characteristics

The equipment consists of a fixed semicircular grille, arranged transversely to the flow direction of the effluent, with bars spaced from 15 to 100 mm apart that intercept and retain solids. A rotating comb, driven by a self-braking geared motor group, lifts the screened material into a collection basket where a counter-comb system ensures its discharge. The rotary motion of the combs is achieved by a self-braking geared motor group of primary make, with gears made of oil-immersed helical cylindrical toothed steel, with direct coupling or with gearwheel/chain reduction. It is fixed to the side edges of the channel. Overload protection can be provided by mechanical or electronic torque limiters. Different consent systems for handling and surface treatments are possible.


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency over a wide flow rate range


  • Machine in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Machine in hot-dip galvanized carbon steel
  • Number of cleaning combs According to the size
  • Elastic joint


  • Screened material collection basket
  • Electric control panel for automation equipped with a timer

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