Circular Wall-Mounted Guillotine Gate

Usage functions

Guillotine gates are the simplest adjustable hydraulic barrier system used to control water flow and its relative discharge. They can be operated manually or by motorized actuation.

Guillotine gates can be installed in channels or on walls. They are used in wastewater treatment plants when it is necessary to intercept and regulate the flow of water.



Construction Features

Circular wall-mounted guillotine gates consist of a stainless steel frame (gargame) that is fixed to the wall using expansion anchors or embedded in a channel. They also include an actuation group that operates the sliding part, known as the shield, which is also made of stainless steel. The shield moves on low-torque guides. Sealing is ensured by a system composed of wedges and counter-wedges, along with EPDM seals (musical note-shaped profile) compliant with DIN 19569 standards.


  • Robustness and reliability.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Wide range of applications.


  • Manual gate operation with a handwheel or crank.
  • Actuation group with direct operation or equipped with manual or motorized force reduction.
  • High-strength polyethylene sliding guides or sliding shoes.
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional sealing.


  • For motorized gates: motor and gearbox group.
  • For manual gates: handwheel or crank.

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