Sterilizers with tube-based UV system

Usage Function

Disinfection using ultraviolet (UV) rays represents, to date, the simplest way to disinfect water. It is a completely eco-friendly system, as no chemical products are introduced into the water, and, therefore, it undergoes no organoleptic changes. In fact, odor, taste, color, temperature, and pH remain unchanged. This safe and effective method of physical disinfection is suitable for both small and large-scale applications.

Stainless steel manifolds


CLEA-WATER cleaning system

Construction Features

The UV disinfection system comprises two main parts: the hydraulic part (treatment chamber, inlet/outlet fittings) and the electronic part (alarm circuit, power transformer, UV irradiation or temperature sensors, control panel).

The system is composed as follows:

  • Cylindrical reactor in stainless steel
  • Low-pressure, high-intensity UV lamps, easily removable, arranged concentrically parallel to the water flow
  • UV irradiation intensity sensor
  • Operational temperature control system
  • General monitoring and control system

Prefiltered water enters the system and passes through the ultraviolet sterilization chamber, where ultraviolet energy destroys all bacteria. It then enters the contaminant control device, designed to reduce the quantity of pesticides, chlorine, THMs, and each of the over 100 known contaminants.

A computerized memory controls the operating capacity of the entire system and activates an alarm when the system reaches saturation level (typically after a year of normal operation).


  • Safe disinfection without the use of chemical products.
  • Great ease of application
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • This special control device is designed to absorb and not release any chemical contaminants


Most large-scale industrial applications are typically specific to their application, the microbes they address, water quality, and effluent discharge regulations.

The simplest way to size a unit is to determine the flow rate the distribution system will provide and install a system that will disinfect that flow rate (liters per minute).


  • Control system with a microprocessor card suitable for controlling and displaying the status of the lamps, remaining service life, total hours of system usage, irradiation percentage, lamp temperature (if the probe is present)
  • Main switch
  • Control panel with sensor and alarm indications

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