Pressure Filters

Usage functions

The purpose of using pressure filters is to retain suspended substances or remove turbidity from water, especially when it could affect the operation of an ion exchange system. Different treatments are employed for this purpose, depending on the substances to be removed from the water. These filters can use activated carbon or quartz and are used for purifying chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products. This type of filtration ensures that the treatment is chemically complete, eliminating or reducing pollutant particles.

Construction Features

The main component is a carbon steel tank, which is painted with a special food-grade anti-corrosive treatment in compliance with D.M. 174/04. It includes an upper vent and lower drain, threaded and/or flanged inlet and outlet connections, upper lifting hooks, and appropriately sized top and bottom manholes for inspection, filling, and emptying of the filter media. The tank may have a perforated plate with a suitable diameter for filter nozzles. In such cases, there are manholes on the bottom and top for inspection, filling, and emptying of the filter media. The filter media can consist of quartz sand or activated carbon. The activated carbon filter removes micro-pollutants, typically of organic nature, which cannot be filtered mechanically. The filter medium consists of granular activated carbon. In the automatic version, the filter performs backwashing at a preset time interval or with an external trigger. There is an electronic control unit designed to make the regeneration programming as easy and intuitive as possible. The functionality allows for simple manual initiation or postponement of a regeneration/backwash at the set time or advancing the phases of filter media backwashing when the plant starts up.


  • Easy installation.
  • Highly efficient treatment.
  • Programmable routine maintenance.
  • Strong inclination towards process automation (solenoid valves, PLC, processors).
  • Excellent availability of filter media.


  • Sand filter/activated carbon filter.
  • Manual version/automatic version.
  • Version without full distribution.
  • Version with radial distribution, mushroom, and drain valve.
  • Filters with perforated plate for filter nozzles


For the manual version:

  • Manual cast iron/steel ball valves with connections up to 2″.

For the automatic version:

  • Hydropneumatic cast iron valves.
  • Butterfly valves.
  • Electronic control unit with keyboard, LCD display, and SIEMENS logic unit.
  • Pilot solenoid valves for controlling hydropneumatic or butterfly valves.

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